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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"


[No. 33.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP.)
NOKTHEBN DIALECT.                                                                        (BoGEA DISTEIca,.)
Ami     nijer         jamite       hal         bal.         Sei    samayete Chim'na    Giri
J    of-myself   in-the-land plough am-plying.   That    at-time   Chimna     Giri
£§eh   ar   TJpi K5ch    aste,    IIpI KScb hukum dilp,           'or        bal    erfi-de.'
Koch and   Upi Koch coming, Upt Koch   order   gave,«that-fellow'8 plough unyofse.'
Te     amar  chakar    hal    bachchhila.       Takhan     se       hal          cbharfr-diya
Then    my   servant plough mat-plying.   At-that-tme he the-plough     leaving-of
alo.   Aaai    3ayya      abar      hal       dharnu.   Te ama-ke    ^,yTa        lathi-guri
<s<me.   I     going     again the-plough    held.    Se   to-me     going    Uoh-md-Uowt
diyg  pbel6-dilo     bhiete.        Langal      bhe£gg.ph.8l8.dild.     Jdal-ta         ar-6k
giving    threw    on-ground.   The-plough (he) bro&e-to-pieces.   The-yoke     on>another
dike     phS16-dil6.             PbSlS-dil§         antar    ami     ki   karmu?           Pay§
side    threw-away.   The-throwmg-away   after      I     what shall-do? Saving-fallen
tbaknu.     Okbane    dber   manush      ayg      achbila.   Sam   EbS      gk-jan    tii
I-remained.   There    many   persons    standing    were.   Sham Shan one-person   he
mana        kavl6,     'bapu-re      kajiya   karo-na.'    Ar-fik-jan     PhayeJ     Sarddar,
forbidding     did,   lmy-children  quarrel    do-not.'   Another-man   Hate       Sarddr,
ar-6k-jan     Jamir    Sekh            ityadi.
another-man  Jamir   Shekh and-others (were there)*
Mare     kiser   bishete?
They-beat for     what?
Ai     AjkiSor    Chandhurir         jogetg.              Tar-i    ohakar       ora.
That Rajkishor Chattdhuri's at-the-instigation.   Eit-verQy servants they (were).
Bhi       ]e         kar§               uibe;          ei      janje.      Chimana   amar      bhastg
land   that   having-seized he-will-take; for this-reason.   Chimnd     my       nephew
bay.   Amar jathato-bbaiyer beta.     Bacbchhar   sbola     satara     prathak. Jot jama
is.      My      cousin's        son.  Years (about)    16 (or)   17     separate.    Lands
sab        blta            Sobbe.         Bhi-ta       bara         pan.              Ami    bacbchbar
d,l    partitioned       are.       The-land (is)   IS   poos (in area).      I           years
kuri         paoliUer        jeyada,  kam   nay,   ami      dakbal            kari.             AT
twenty twenty-fae-than   more,   less    not,     1    possession    make (hold).     Last
baobobbar     Sanla    dbau    abad-karcbhi,      se    dhan ami   niyficbhi.         &ambar$
year       sanla   paddy  (/) cultivated,   that paddy I       took.           Saturday